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Early Swimming Benefits

There are several benefits of baby swimming which make infant swimming lessons a favorite choice of parents. Here are our top reasons why we believe that early baby swimming is a life-long benefit for the children.

1. Develop Confidence: An early introduction to water environment will help eliminate fear of water in the infants. Baby swimming lessons play an active role in increasing water confidence in the babies and young children. They also interact with peers during these swimming lessons and learn to deal with them. These kids develop a strong sense of self-worth & confidence, and they become strong contributors to the society.

2. Develop Life Saving Skills: Swimming instructors teach vital safety techniques to the kids and they grow up equipped with life-saving aquatic skills.

3. Develop Co-ordination and Strength: Swimming helps to build muscles and maintain better body coordination leading to strong body muscles, lungs and heart. It is good for improving physical and mental health of children.

4. Improve Baby’s Appetite: Swimming exercise and fun helps to make your baby hungry and improve their appetite.

5. Special Bond between Parents and Children: Swimming together deepens emotional bonds and a feeling of connection between parents and their children.

Don’t delay. Start your baby swimming lessons early for lifelong benefits! Watersafe Swim School in Los Alamitos and Seal Beach is the best place for “Parents and Young Families” to swim, learn and grow together.

Learning to swim will be a wonderful journey for your baby! Need more information? Give us a call today to schedule a meeting: (562)596-8608.

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Smart Fish Method U Turns & Play Time at the steps, Grade 4

  This student is 27 months old.
– We need to teach the students HOW TO PLAY at the stairs, without the castles.
– We can still work on their skills like BACK KICKING with their hands on their belly.,
– It means we must accept their need and decision to sit-up from a back float on occasion, rather than expecting them to always roll-over laterally.
– It is good for students to experience and deal with other kids in the step area. This is realistic. Kids need to learn how to swim around other kids in the play area and not resort to grabbing on them for support.
– They only need to hold their tummy when they kick. When they hold their tummy, it makes them ONLY kick. It keeps them from using their hands for pull as support. When they pull on their back, they tend to dilute their kick. It compromises their balance AND kick.
– “I am trying to teach her how to play. There are times when it is valuable and necessary for them to sit-up from a back float. She is ready to learn to roll-over and to sit-up.”


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Improve Swimming Performance

Through this post, we will provide effective tips on how to increase your swimming speed. We sincerely hope our readers will benefit from following tips and advice:

1. Sleep Tight, Swim Fast: Good Sleep is most important for all swimmers to efficiently replenish energy levels of both the brain and the body. Swimmers need 9-10 hours sleep every day to improve their swimming performance. All swimmers must do better time management to get enough sleep as good sleep equals good swimming performance.

2. Plan Your Meals Daily: Swimming for an hour can burn 380 calories to 765 calories depending on the body weight. Healthy diet plan is very important role for your performance in the pool. To increase performance or speed, every swimmer needs a balanced diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals. Make sure that you refuel your body with right food while on regular swimming schedule / training.


3. Workout To Improve Flexibility: Flexibility is most important part of every swimmer’s training because swimming requires a wide range of body movements to achieve maximum power and speed. Work your pecs, lats, shoulders, hamstrings, ankles and hips in the daily exercise routine. Doing 5 to 10 minutes of flexibility workout couple of times every day will yield excellent results.

4. Work On Your Breathing: Good Breathing technique helps to swim fast. When you can breathe as easily in the water as on land, then you can swim faster so focus on both your inhales and your exhales.

5. Powerful Kick: An effective powerful kick reduces your drag and helps to maintain your body rotation. So work on this essential component of swimming to increase speed in the water.

Since 1971, Swim Instructors at Watersafe Swim School have been teaching generation of Los Alamitos and Seal Beach families the life saving skill and joy of swimming. We have certified lifeguards for you. For more information, visit Give us a call to schedule swim classes: 1-855-WSS-SWIM.

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5 Health Benefits: Why Cold Swimming is Good For You

It is getting close to winters and I am feeling excited with the thoughts of outdoor cold water swimming. I agree that jumping into cold water during winters may seem an insane act. Also, cold water swimming in winters will be a tough idea for most of us. But the benefits that result from cold swimming would surely out-weigh these fears and would make you a healthier human being. If you wish to be more active, stay healthy and lose weight, you must think about taking a dip in the cold water swimming pool in winters. It is an established fact that people with regular cold swimming practice have better life expectancy and better quality of life.

Here is the list of health benefits from cold water swimming:

1. Improves the Immune System
Effects of cold swimming on body immune system are widely studied. Scientists in England found that taking regular one hour swimming in cold water improved the white blood cells count significantly. Over time, the body’s defenses are strengthened and people taking cold swimming regularly become less prone to sickness.

2. It Burns More Calories
We all know that swimming is a great exercise to reduce body weight. In cold water swimming, our body has to work harder to keep everything warm by boosting blood circulation and thereby burning more calories. It is one major reason that most of the cold water swimmers are in great thin shape.


3. Helps To Reduce Stress
In the present competitive world, stress is increasingly common. Swimming is known to be a good sport or exercise to relieve stress. Many studies have also shown that cold water is helpful in stress reduction. So next time you find yourself in stressful times, just try a cold water swim. Cold bathing and swimming will certainly produce calming effect and improve your mental state.

4. Increases Libido and Fertility
It is an established fact that cold water increases libido. Studies have also shown that cold water swimming boosts secretion of sex hormones in both men and women. An improved fertility is, therefore, a natural consequence of increased libido and increased production of sex hormones.

5. It Improves Skin Health
We know that cold water swimming increases blood circulation in the body. Besides keeping the body warmer, it also helps to flush out toxins and improves the skin tone and skin health.

Swimming in cold water is a matter of personal preference. No one should force you to do cold water swimming in winters. However, if you like swim in cold water, GO FOR IT.