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How can a 17 month old baby possibly swim 25 yards all by hiimself?

Robbie is just a lucky little fish who was able to start as an infant and swim many days per week. He has only been taught Smart Fish Method “ROLL-TO-BACK FLOAT” skills … which transitioned into “SWIM~FLOAT~SWIM”, and then into what you see in this video as the “KICK & ROLL SWIMMING”.

He has been able to swim this far since he was 12 months old, but now his front kick is much more developed, so he swims in a straighter line.

If given the same opportunity with our any of our awesome Watersafe Swim School teachers, all Smart Fish students are capable of learning this as easily and as young as Robbie.

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Smart Fish Method Mr. Greg’s 2 year old Grade 6.8 Pool Prodigy

Left Side ~ Right Side
Left Side ~ Right Side
Warrior Double Switch Freestyle with same-side Quick Breaths
* Grade 8 WARRIOR FREESTYLE (rarely done with students this young)
Warrior Triple Switch Freestyle with Alternate Quick Breaths


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Smart Fish Method No-Breath Freestyle, Stopping to Take Breaths Between Sets

* This is a test to see if 4 year old Landon is able to do No-Breath Sticky Arms and Flutter Kicking independently. Most of his lesson involves “Hands-On” instruction with a teacher in the pool.
* Landon has improved his “No-Breath Sticky/Switch High Arms” and head positioning. Before adding Breath Recovery, he must still improve his kick so that he kicks non-stop with long legs (using his whole leg to move the water.)
* These sets of No-Breath High Arms can be done between platforms, from the teacher to the wall (or steps), across a shallow pool (standing up when needing to breathe), or across a deep pool, near the wall or lane line, so that the student is able to stop and hang on the wall or lane line to breathe, before doing the next set of No-Breath High Arms.
* Smart Fish Method students learn Freestyle AFTER mastering a confident Kick & Roll Swim with lateral breath recovery.

* STEP 1: teach proper Swim Breathing (exhale out the nose underwater, inhale one single breath through the mouth above the water.) Progress from this to lateral Quick Breath Swim-Breathing.
* STEP 2: work on kick and head positioning: SWORDFISH KICK … LONG WARRIOR KICK.
* STEP 3: Logan does a GREAT WARRIOR PUSH-OFF START off the steps. Landon was taught to begin the drill in Long Warrior Kick position: “One arm forward, one arm back – head down.”
* STEP 4: N0-Breath Sticky Arms … swim an achievable distance without a breath focusing only on Sticky/Switch High Arms, Legs, and head positioning.
* STEP 5: Review Swim-Breathing and lateral Quick Breathing
* STEP 6: Long Warrior with lateral Quick Breathing
* STEP 7 through 11… SFM Grade 8 Long Warrior Freestyle drills with arms, legs, and lateral Quick Breathing.
—-Notice that even a slight elevation of Logan’s head compromises his ability to do the drill. Youngsters have proportionately large heads, so it affects their swim posture more than an that of an adult.
— Notice that Logan began and ended his second lap of this drill in Long Warrior Kick position. “Good work Landon… you didn’t even need your teacher to remind you to do that.”

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Early Swimming Benefits

There are several benefits of baby swimming which make infant swimming lessons a favorite choice of parents. Here are our top reasons why we believe that early baby swimming is a life-long benefit for the children.

1. Develop Confidence: An early introduction to water environment will help eliminate fear of water in the infants. Baby swimming lessons play an active role in increasing water confidence in the babies and young children. They also interact with peers during these swimming lessons and learn to deal with them. These kids develop a strong sense of self-worth & confidence, and they become strong contributors to the society.

2. Develop Life Saving Skills: Swimming instructors teach vital safety techniques to the kids and they grow up equipped with life-saving aquatic skills.

3. Develop Co-ordination and Strength: Swimming helps to build muscles and maintain better body coordination leading to strong body muscles, lungs and heart. It is good for improving physical and mental health of children.

4. Improve Baby’s Appetite: Swimming exercise and fun helps to make your baby hungry and improve their appetite.

5. Special Bond between Parents and Children: Swimming together deepens emotional bonds and a feeling of connection between parents and their children.

Don’t delay. Start your baby swimming lessons early for lifelong benefits! Watersafe Swim School in Los Alamitos and Seal Beach is the best place for “Parents and Young Families” to swim, learn and grow together.

Learning to swim will be a wonderful journey for your baby! Need more information? Give us a call today to schedule a meeting: (562)596-8608.

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Learn Life Lessons From Swimming

As a Swim Instructor, I have been practicing swimming for more than 25 years in my 40 years of life and I loved it right from my childhood. I feel grateful when I remember my first swimming lesson. At that moment, the water and I merged into one, and a life-long relationship was born. Swimming is one of the most famous physical activities to maintain our soul and body as well as it teaches us so much in life.

Swimming teaches us some significant life lessons:

1. Do Hard Work to Succeed: Every swimming lesson teaches us to work hard for success. One has to work hard to learn various aspects of swimming and practice really hard to achieve success in swimming competitions. Similarly, one has to work hard for things one wants in life.


2. Relax & Patience: Swimmers know how to keep body healthy to win any race. You can’t float unless you relax. In childhood, we learn how to wait patiently to take swimming turn and waiting to take turn is surely good manner that improves over the years.

3. Believe In Yourself: Swimming helps in confidence building. It is absolute confidence in your ability that you achieve targets in swimming. You challenge yourself to go faster and try different strokes.

4. Time Management and Self-Discipline: My day-night swimming practice teaches me how to manage time wisely so that I can have good social life and a successful professional life. It is through self discipline and time management that one can achieve the balance.

5. Good Leadership: Swimmers generally have good team-building skills. We meet new friends and learn to work together, to encourage each other, to communicate and to become good team leaders. We support each other in our professional life as well.

If you like what you’ve read here, please leave your comments. Your suggestions or feedback will be deeply appreciated.

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Infant Swimming With Parents

It is an established fact that swimming is one of the best exercises for all of us irrespective of our age group. We also know that infants generally like to play in and around water, no matter where you find it – in a bucket, bowl, tub, sink or a pool. Realizing these aspects, more and more parents wish to pursue swimming with their babies not just to maintain good physical fitness but also because it is a great fun thing and helps to strengthen family bonds. Probably this is the reason that infant swimming lessons are always in very high demand.

As your babies learn to swim, their muscles get strengthened and show better coordination. Infants who practice swimming with their parents and instructors show higher level of self confidence and social experience. You have to be a responsible and caring parent for your child to develop and prosper in life.

While infant swimming lessons are immensely helpful to our kids, there are many other benefits accrue to your baby like basic swimming skills and water safety skills. You must play swimming pool games and activities like Mermaid Races, Shark in the Pool, Ping Pong, Treasure Hunt, Macro Polo, etc. to help your child to enjoy and to learn certain independent strokes in the water.


All the while, steer them towards the positives so to reinforce their confidence. After your positive praise your child will feel good inside and also feel sense of achievement and self confidence. Avoid to use negative words for them and just tell them “What they are doing good and what they should be doing to swim better”.

Why Choose Watersafe Swim School?

Since 1971, Swim Instructors at Watersafe Swim School have been teaching generation of Los Alamitos and Seal Beach families the life saving skill and joy of swimming. We have certified lifeguards for you. For more information, visit Give us a call to schedule swim classes: 1-855-WSS-SWIM.

Happy Swimming to Everyone!

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Baby Swimming Lesson Video: Smart Fish Method Back Mat-Kicking

SFM Back Mat-Kicking, “Hold the edge of the mat with your hands.”

Step 1: When sitting on the wall while holding the mat:
Kick UP with the shoe lace part of the foot. Splash the water. Move the mat with your feet and the water.
Step 2: When swimming on your back while holding the mat:
Hold the mat with your hands, arms stretched STRAIGHT.
It must cover you knees.
– Do NOT hold the mat under your arms… on top of your belly.
Step 3: When hanging on the wall, doing vertical kicking against the wall:
– TRY DOING IT WRONG: Lean your head too far back, chin high. You will notice it is very uncomfortable.
– TRY DOING IT RIGHT. Bring your chin forward.
Keep your chin level. When you are on your back, look straight up.
Do NOT put your chin up too high.

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