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Teach them to SWIM FREELY: Baby Swimming Lessons

SMART FISH METHOD @ WATERSAFE SWIM SCHOOL * Featuring Robbie: 14 1/2 months old.

* Teach them to SWIM FREELY. Then teach them to SWIM FREESTYLE.

* “Roll-Over Swimming” transitions E-FISH-CIENTLY into Freestyle

* Add “HIGH ARMS” or ” BIG ARMS” to Robbie’s “KICK &. ROLL SWIM” & it becomes Freestyle

Call (562)596-8608 for all your swimming questions and inquiries.



Watersafe Swim School began in 1971 in the backyard pool of its owner, founder, and still teaching Ginny Ferguson where she developed the Smart Fish Method. Watersafe moved to Seal Beach in 1988 and currently has additional locations in Huntington Beach, Yorba Linda, Tustin, and Lakewood. Los Alamitos now houses the largest Watersafe location to date and the largest swim school in the area. Teachers at the school are carefully chosen, extensively trained and certified through the nationally recognized Smart Fish Academy.

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