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Teach them to SWIM FREELY: Baby Swimming Lessons

SMART FISH METHOD @ WATERSAFE SWIM SCHOOL * Featuring Robbie: 14 1/2 months old.

* Teach them to SWIM FREELY. Then teach them to SWIM FREESTYLE.

* “Roll-Over Swimming” transitions E-FISH-CIENTLY into Freestyle

* Add “HIGH ARMS” or ” BIG ARMS” to Robbie’s “KICK &. ROLL SWIM” & it becomes Freestyle

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Posted in Baby Swimming Video, Infant Swimming Video, Private Swim Lessons, Swimming Benefits

Raindrops Keep Falling on Robbie’s Head: Watersafe Swim School

I really think frequent “showers” or “pouring water directly over their head” can help babies develop comfortable swim-breath-control. Robbie started having daily showers with water streaming down his face when he was 5 days old. Listen to the music. Does anyone know what movie (from 1969) this tune is from?

Come join Watersafe Swim School, here you’ll experience the joy of seeing your children have fun as their confidence grows and they learn lifelong swimming skills.