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Mighty Tri at Watersafe Benefitting Autism Speaks Presented by ABC Pool Supply Products

What an incredible event! Such an amazing effort put out by all of our Athletes of all ages. Even the Parents earned them selves some praise running along side their little ones through the whole course. Congratulations everyone!

Huge thank you to our Presentation Sponsor ABC Swimming Pool Supply Products. They’ve been great partners and friends of Watersafe for many years. Highly recommend using them for all your pool supply needs:

And please patronize all of our Amazing Sponsors whom, without their support, this event would not be possible!

ABC Swimming Pool Supply

Yucatán Grill

Southland Credit Union

The Original Fish Company

Brew Kitchen Ale House

Glazed Donut Bar

Dream Dinners Fountain Valley

Be sure to like, comment, and share you favorite photos. And stay tuned for MIGHTY TRI 2018!

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Baby Swimming: SFM Ginny’s Parent-Tot, Part 1, Opening Song

“Circle up everybody. Hold your baby, so they are facing into the circle.”

(if a baby is being shy or resistant about that, the parent can hug (chest to chest), but we suggest having the parent turn around, so that Baby can look over the parent’s shoulder to at least watch the fun that is going on while we all enjoy the OPENING SONG… the one song that should be the same every single Watersafe Swim School Parent-Tot class.



Tune for

“Wheels on the Bus”

The kids in the pool

go splash, splash, splash,

splash, splash, splash,

splash, splash, splash.

The kids in the pool

go splash, splash, splash,

all around the pool.

…. kick, kick, kick

… go up and down

…side to side

…in and out

… a great big kiss.

When new babies are upset about participating in any of these activities, let the parent know that it is no unusual. Two Options:

1: Hug the baby throughout the entire class and simply watch the action. Baby will likely become curious about things and at least turn around to watch. The next time Baby attends the class, he will likely be more cooperative… less threatened, because now he will know what it is all about. Be patient. We don’t mind counting this as a “Canceled Lessons” that can be made up later. Just speak with the office when your class is over.

2. Go over the the Dice Block on the side of the pool, where there is a basket of foam shapes and puzzle pieces that your child can play with. Distract his attention from the class, and simply enjoy conversation about the shapes that can be placed on the block. Teach Baby how to dip the shape in the water, so that it sticks to the block.

– Another fun distraction… find the bath books in the equipment basket and read them with your child.