SFM Swimming, Reaching Up to Grab the wall

SUPER DUPER POLLIWOG = Swimming and reaching up to grab the wall, while the head stays down (in the water.) Begin teaching this in Grade 1… Must be mastered in Grade 4
*. Hold the child by their hips, lifting them so they are horizontal – at the surface.
*. Do not allow pulling to the wall. Make sure they are ONLY REACHING.
*. If necessary, press them down on the knape of the neck or lower back of his head
*. NEXT: GRADE 3/4 SUPER DUPER SEA LION = Roll from a Back Float into a head-down swim & reach to the top of the wall.
* It’s almost like you’re playing…”Itsy Bitsy Spider.”
*. Hannah is not as big, not as strong, so she needs to roll her face in & keep it down in order to reach & grab the wall
*. LO… Christian just said…”That’s because I eat my vegetables.
*. If Hannah would kick on her back, this would be easier for her.
*. She loses momentum when doing SEAL = SWIM..BACK FLOAT.. SWIM
*. IDEALLY, by now…she should have mastered SUPER SEAL: continuous kicking during the SEAL cycle = “KICK & ROLL SWIMMING.”
*. We spend most of her lesson working on her kicking skills (both front & back). Hannah would improve faster by motoring through the pool in a Puddle Jumper, during playtime.
*. WHEN COMPARING HANNAH’S & CHRISTIAN’S KICKING SKILLS: Christian has spent many hours enjoying freedom and kicking practice in floating devices while waiting for his sister’s lesson to finish. It has clearly helped him master his kick.
* FINALLY: SUPER DUPER SEAHORSE = Fall into the pool, roll-over to back float or back swim… roll back over and swim &/or reach up to grab the wall.


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