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SFM Swimming, Reaching Up to Grab the wall

SUPER DUPER POLLIWOG = Swimming and reaching up to grab the wall, while the head stays down (in the water.) Begin teaching this in Grade 1… Must be mastered in Grade 4
*. Hold the child by their hips, lifting them so they are horizontal – at the surface.
*. Do not allow pulling to the wall. Make sure they are ONLY REACHING.
*. If necessary, press them down on the knape of the neck or lower back of his head
*. NEXT: GRADE 3/4 SUPER DUPER SEA LION = Roll from a Back Float into a head-down swim & reach to the top of the wall.
* It’s almost like you’re playing…”Itsy Bitsy Spider.”
*. Hannah is not as big, not as strong, so she needs to roll her face in & keep it down in order to reach & grab the wall
*. LO… Christian just said…”That’s because I eat my vegetables.
*. If Hannah would kick on her back, this would be easier for her.
*. She loses momentum when doing SEAL = SWIM..BACK FLOAT.. SWIM
*. IDEALLY, by now…she should have mastered SUPER SEAL: continuous kicking during the SEAL cycle = “KICK & ROLL SWIMMING.”
*. We spend most of her lesson working on her kicking skills (both front & back). Hannah would improve faster by motoring through the pool in a Puddle Jumper, during playtime.
*. WHEN COMPARING HANNAH’S & CHRISTIAN’S KICKING SKILLS: Christian has spent many hours enjoying freedom and kicking practice in floating devices while waiting for his sister’s lesson to finish. It has clearly helped him master his kick.
* FINALLY: SUPER DUPER SEAHORSE = Fall into the pool, roll-over to back float or back swim… roll back over and swim &/or reach up to grab the wall.



Watersafe Swim School began in 1971 in the backyard pool of its owner, founder, and still teaching Ginny Ferguson where she developed the Smart Fish Method. Watersafe moved to Seal Beach in 1988 and currently has additional locations in Huntington Beach, Yorba Linda, Tustin, and Lakewood. Los Alamitos now houses the largest Watersafe location to date and the largest swim school in the area. Teachers at the school are carefully chosen, extensively trained and certified through the nationally recognized Smart Fish Academy.

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