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The Mighty Tri Presented by Watersafe Swim School

The ultimate test of an athletes strength, speed, and endurance. Watersafe Swim School is proud to present; THE MIGHTY TRI!

All on location at the Watersafe Aquatic Center located in Los Alamitos. Participants will Bike, Run, and Swim to reach the finish line!

Who can participate? Any Age, Any skill level, and is open to the public. The Event will be broken into 5 Skill Categories;
400 Yard Bike ~ 400 Yard Run ~ 325 Yard Swim (13 laps)
Recommended for: Grade 10 or Level 3 & up. (High Exp.)

200 Yard Bike ~ 200 Yard Run ~ 175 Yard Swim (7 laps)
Recommended for: Grade 9 or Level 2 & up (Medium Exp.)

200 Yard Bike ~ 200 Yard Run ~ 100 Yard Swim (4 laps)
Recommended for: Grade 8+ or Level 1 & up (Some Exp.)

100 Yard Bike ~ 100 Yard Run ~ 50 Yard Swim (2 laps) –
Recommended for: Grade 6 and up (Confident)

50 Yard ( Scooter, Tricycle etc) ~ 50 Yard Toddle-Run ~25 Yard Swim.
Fully Assisted to Fully Independent
Recommended for: All ages from Parent/Totters & Swim Lesson kids Grade 1 to 5
Yes folks, we want to see some tricycles out there! Parents with infant/babies, we would love to see you out there pushing Jogging Strollers, and carrying those babbies across the lot, down the lanes, and across that finish line! Same entrance fee applies, but remember, this all goes to an amazing charity in our community.

Price: Early Bird – $35. Price Change: After February 4th. – $50
All proceeds go to support the Los Alamitos Education Foundation, and push Miss Ginny that much closer to being crowned “Queen of Hearts”. If you would like to be able to declare your entry fee as a Charitable Tax Donation, please go to and submit the suggested amount of $35. You are more than welcome to donate more. Remember, every dollar counts as another vote for Queen Ginny!

There will be music, Face Painting provided by FANTASTIK FACES, and a FOOD TRUCK (to be confirmed) on locaiton for everyone to enjoy.

All participants will receive; Entrance, Official Race Bib, Event Shirt (Sponsord by Xcel Realty), Event Medal, Certificate, and a SWAG BAG which will include a Free Kids Meal provided by MIGHTY KITCHEN.

Check in will begin at 2pm. Event will start promptly at 3pm.
at Los Alamitos High School. The parking lot has to be cleared for the event.
If you have any questions, please call our office (562)596-8608 or email

Special Thank You to our current sponsors:
Xcel Realty – Steve Holguin, (310)947-5048,
Anne Marie Ashley Realty, (949)698-1948
Mighty Kitchen
Road ID

We are still open to more sponsorship and hosting Vendors during the event. Please contact for more information.

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Smart Fish Method Flutter Kick Teaching Aide Tip – Baby Swimming

Especially for kids who tend to have erratic, unorganized kicks.
*. Beginner Flutter Kickers MUST be told and directed to ONLY KICK DOWN on the water.
*. If he kicks his entire foot DOWN from above the water, he cannot do incorrect “PUSH-TYPE” Kicks.
*. “Kick down on the water with the shoe-lace part of the foot.”
*. Long Leg Flutter Kicks

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Learn Life Lessons From Swimming

As a Swim Instructor, I have been practicing swimming for more than 25 years in my 40 years of life and I loved it right from my childhood. I feel grateful when I remember my first swimming lesson. At that moment, the water and I merged into one, and a life-long relationship was born. Swimming is one of the most famous physical activities to maintain our soul and body as well as it teaches us so much in life.

Swimming teaches us some significant life lessons:

1. Do Hard Work to Succeed: Every swimming lesson teaches us to work hard for success. One has to work hard to learn various aspects of swimming and practice really hard to achieve success in swimming competitions. Similarly, one has to work hard for things one wants in life.


2. Relax & Patience: Swimmers know how to keep body healthy to win any race. You can’t float unless you relax. In childhood, we learn how to wait patiently to take swimming turn and waiting to take turn is surely good manner that improves over the years.

3. Believe In Yourself: Swimming helps in confidence building. It is absolute confidence in your ability that you achieve targets in swimming. You challenge yourself to go faster and try different strokes.

4. Time Management and Self-Discipline: My day-night swimming practice teaches me how to manage time wisely so that I can have good social life and a successful professional life. It is through self discipline and time management that one can achieve the balance.

5. Good Leadership: Swimmers generally have good team-building skills. We meet new friends and learn to work together, to encourage each other, to communicate and to become good team leaders. We support each other in our professional life as well.

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