Freestyle Strong-Side Breathing, New Start Position Detail

This drill promotes perfect long-axis rotation.

The STRONG SIDE is the PULLING SIDE Other videos have been made of this, but we recently decided that it is easier for the students to understand this drill, if you tell them to push off with both arms down by their legs, in the head-lead, SFM “Soldier” position.

1. Push off in “Soldier Position” … both arms down by the legs … head-leading flutter kick.

2. Do two full strokes with your right arm, stop down by the leg again, turn and breathe on the right.

3. THEN… Do this on the left side.

Here at Waterside Swim School we teach the world renowned Smartfish Method. We offer private, group and competitive swim education to all ages. Our Method is constantly evolving with the newest technology and swim related research. Our specialty is the art of baby swimming and safety, but our Method is designed to accommodate all ages, even adults. We take great pride in what we do here and love showing the world the priceless gift of knowing how to swim.


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