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Healthy Tips for Swimmers

Swimming is one of the most famous sports that offer physical fitness with lots of fun. All athletes strive to give their best performance and good nutrition is a key for that athletic success. Swimmer’s body needs good eating habits to stay fit, healthy with high energy levels.

Here are some super foods for swimmers:

1. Beans: This is a highly beneficial food packed with proteins, fiber, vitamin B, iron, potassium and very low fats. Several health benefits of beans are:
Prevent heart diseases
Help fight cancer
Help lose weight
Help manage diabetes

Beans Super Food
2. Pears: This fruit is rich in dietary fiber, anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamin C, which are necessary for good health.

Pears Super Food
3. Pomegranate Juice: Pomegranates are the healthiest fruit because they are loaded with most important nutrients like dietary fiber, proteins, vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, folate and potassium.

Pomegranate Juice For Swimmers
4. Bananas: Bananas are rich in healthy carbohydrates, potassium and fiber, which are beneficial to improve athletic performance.

Banana Super Food
5. Unsalted Nuts: Nuts are powerhouse pack loaded with good fat, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Try only unsalted nuts instead of salted nuts because excessive sodium can cause bloating and dehydration.

6. Raw Chocolates: Cacao is unprocessed form of Chocolate. Raw Chocolate contains high levels of magnesium, chromium, poly-phenols, vitamins (B1/B2/B3/B5/B9/E), proteins, fiber and antioxidants that helps athletes in faster recovery.

7. Beets: Beets are rich in nitrates and betalains. Lots of athletes eat beet to boost their performance and for better endurance. Betalains are known to help fight inflammation and protect internal organs from numerous chronic diseases.

Beets Super Food For Swimmers

Here are some significant healthy tips for optimizing performance
1. Drink lots of water
2. Avoid fast foods
3. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables
4. Avoid processed food, dairy products and sodas