Infant Swimming Video: Smart Fish Method Puddle Jumper Introduction

SFM Puddle Jumper Introduction to Back Floating & Swim Float Swimming

 * This was video taped by Ginny, who was holding the camera with one hand, while assisting or guiding Milah (23 months old) with the other hand.
* It is so easy to learn to swim, especially when they learn to do it the Smart Fish way. The challenge is to get them to cooperate. Introducing them to the whole method of Swim~Float~Swim in the Introductory phase can really help them accept your instruction, especially it is done as non-aggressively as possible – without the feeling of falling…without having to put their face in the water. Watch how we use the puddle jumpers in this video, starting with two and then just one.

Start with two puddle jumpers:
One under the back. One over the belly.
Upside down: Arm holes down by the legs.
Use one Puddle-Jumper under the back. Keep it upside down, so the arm holes are down by the legs. The fabric connecting the arm holes to the main part of the float should be wedged under her armpits.

* The Puddle Jumper is a great teaching aide. It is easy to put on and take off. It holds the student in the same postures needed to execute the skill all by themselves. The teacher really does not have to assist. in fact, the less direction from the teacher, the better. Then they will be less likely to resist out of stubborness. They can be IN CONTROL.


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