Watersafe Swim School 7 Month Old Back Float Champ Video

Second generation Water Safer O-Fish-L Swim Babe, Logan, has been swimming in our 90-92 degree Los Alamitos, CA pool since he was about one months old. Because of his weekly Born-To-Swim Experience (complimentary until 4 months old), he has grown up to love being in, under, and on top of the water.

As he has become more and more mobile on land, he has also learned what he is capable of doing in the water and what his boundaries are when floating independently. His progress has been possible because of his family’s commitment, and our loving teachers trained in the Smart Fish Method. This Method is also always progressing as well… as we discover new tricks and teaching tools in order to make teaching and learning easier and more fun. Our clean and cozy-warm sheltered swimming pool adds to why all this is possible.


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