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Baby Swimming Lesson Video: Smart Fish Method 23 month old Grade 5 transitioning to Grade 6

Watch out “Watersafe Swim School” latest baby swimming lesson video on youtube:

* Grade 4 SWIM~FLOAT~SWIMMERS & beginner KICK & ROLLERS spend more time on the back for breath recovery & rest.
* Grade 5 swimmers are ready to learn to take shorter breaths.
* This Grade 5 student is a totally confident front & back swimmer.
She is ready to learn Kick & Roll Swimming with longer Prone Swims and rhythmic lateral Quick Breaths.
* In Grade 4, she would impatiently rush through her back float
breath recovery, without adequate air exchange & rest. Then, she would end up being desparate for air… then frustrated… then too upset for self-rescue.
* “She used to “short-change” herself on her back, and then she’d get tired”
* “As she transitions to Grade 6, I am also trying to introduce her to structured lessons with repeated drills, instead of the random, swim-anywhere, adventure-seeking lessons I have allowed her to have to help her become a completely competent confident swimmer.”
* I atttempted to have her put both hands on her belly while back kicking = MODIFIED SOLDIER KICK for Backstroke.
* I atttempted to have her put one hand on her head & one on her belly to introduce her to “SAILBOAT”, an intro to MODIFIED WARRIOR POSE for a series of Freestyle Development Drills.
* The Swim Warrior Pose is derived from the Yoga Warrior Pose. This is Prep for Smart Fish Grade 6 Warrior Freestyle Drills
* NOTICE: She is totally comfortable & confident on her back.
She feels fully balanced in the back breath recovery position
She knows the back position is her AQUATIC SALVATION position.
* SWIM WARRIOR POSE: One arm reaching forward. One arm back.
MODIFIED SWIM WARRIOR: One hand on head. One hand on belly.
* INTRODUCE LESSON PLAN STRUCTURE INTO THE LESSONS…to prepare them for groups & stroke development.
Example: Back Kick in one direction. Kick & Roll in the other.
* It is best to do a belly flop like this when jumping in. If she jumps close to the wall, she may hit her head.
* “Don’t be concerned that she occasionally just “hangs there” without kicking, when she is on her tummy. She only uses her kick for propulsion, not to prevent her body from sinking. She is confident in her ability to float in the water on both her front and back, without the need to kick or pull in order to recover for air or prevent her body from sinking.”

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Four Hidden Benefits of Swimming For Kids

Hello Bloggers,

I am sure you guys will be glued to your TV Screens to watch 2016 Rio Olympics, and swimming is one of the popular Olympic events. Since the benefits of swimming are many and it is considered a perfect sport for our mental and physical health; we always recommend that your children should learn to swim from an early age.

Following are some of the benefits of swimming for kids:

For Child Safety: Swimming is a great life safety skill that every child needs to know. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), drowning is a leading cause of death among children and toddlers. Water safety and drowning prevention is important for every child to learn. Our swim instructors teach vital safety techniques so that kids get to learn basic rescue skills from an early age, not only to be safe themselves but also to help others in emergency.

Kids Swimming At Seal Beach

Kids Who Swim Have Better Health: Swimming is one of the best aerobic activity to strengthen our heart and lungs. It also helps children to stay fit and develop strong muscles.

Great Family Bonding: Everyone is too busy now-a-days and families hardly spend enough time together. Swimming is one activity that whole family can enjoy together as a part of an active lifestyle. Besides fun, this also creates special bonds between parent and their children.

Improved Socializing: This is yet another indirect benefit from swimming. During swim classes, your children get opportunity to meet others of same age and can make good friends.

Teaching a child to swim is in fact a gift for life.

Don’t worry even if your child is afraid to swim or panics to think about the deeper end of the pool. Our baby swim lessons specifically focus on building confidence and comfort level in the water. Join ‘Watersafe Swim School’. It is a place where your child can learn from our talented swim instructors, who always do fun activities to make your child happy and enjoy swimming.