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5 Health Benefits: Why Cold Swimming is Good For You

It is getting close to winters and I am feeling excited with the thoughts of outdoor cold water swimming. I agree that jumping into cold water during winters may seem an insane act. Also, cold water swimming in winters will be a tough idea for most of us. But the benefits that result from cold swimming would surely out-weigh these fears and would make you a healthier human being. If you wish to be more active, stay healthy and lose weight, you must think about taking a dip in the cold water swimming pool in winters. It is an established fact that people with regular cold swimming practice have better life expectancy and better quality of life.

Here is the list of health benefits from cold water swimming:

1. Improves the Immune System
Effects of cold swimming on body immune system are widely studied. Scientists in England found that taking regular one hour swimming in cold water improved the white blood cells count significantly. Over time, the body’s defenses are strengthened and people taking cold swimming regularly become less prone to sickness.

2. It Burns More Calories
We all know that swimming is a great exercise to reduce body weight. In cold water swimming, our body has to work harder to keep everything warm by boosting blood circulation and thereby burning more calories. It is one major reason that most of the cold water swimmers are in great thin shape.


3. Helps To Reduce Stress
In the present competitive world, stress is increasingly common. Swimming is known to be a good sport or exercise to relieve stress. Many studies have also shown that cold water is helpful in stress reduction. So next time you find yourself in stressful times, just try a cold water swim. Cold bathing and swimming will certainly produce calming effect and improve your mental state.

4. Increases Libido and Fertility
It is an established fact that cold water increases libido. Studies have also shown that cold water swimming boosts secretion of sex hormones in both men and women. An improved fertility is, therefore, a natural consequence of increased libido and increased production of sex hormones.

5. It Improves Skin Health
We know that cold water swimming increases blood circulation in the body. Besides keeping the body warmer, it also helps to flush out toxins and improves the skin tone and skin health.

Swimming in cold water is a matter of personal preference. No one should force you to do cold water swimming in winters. However, if you like swim in cold water, GO FOR IT.