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Private Swim Instructor

Teaching a child to swim is not the easiest thing to do. Some things are better left to the professionals. Swimming lessons are one of those. Accidental drowning is more common than people think. Children are inquistive, and water is fascinating and beautiful, and so naturally they are attracted to it. Learning how to swim at a young age can help prevent accidental drowning.

Having private lessons to learn how to swim ensures that the child has the undivided attention of the teacher, and what child doesn’t like to have all the attention focused on them. There are a variety of things that are taught during swim lessons that many parents cannot do, such as teach them how to swim if they fall into a pool fully clothed, which is extremely important, as accidents do happen.


Being involved in private swim lessons also accelerates the learning process. Learning to float is not as easy as it looks, and a personal instructor is a key element to learning it quickly. Floating is extremely important for young swimmers to learn.

Learning how to swim fully clothed is extremely difficult, even for the most experienced swimmer.  By learning it a young age, the child can practice more at it as they get older. Falling in a pool fully dressed weighs the body down, and makes it difficult to stay afloat.