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Where Baby Swimming Journey Begins!

Hi Bloggers

Before I start writing my Today’s post, let me briefly introduce myself. I am Ginny (Flahive) Ferguson, swimming expert, owner & founder at Watersafe Swim School in Seal Beach and Los Alamitos.

I love … swimming, blog writing, dancing, cooking and especially babies.

There are a lot of things in our life that we should never take for granted. But more importantly are the relationships that we should treasure and value with everything we have. I feel extremely blessed to have sweet relationship with my parents and with my cute baby swimmers.

I grew up with my parents who were very good swimmers that is why I am too. Parents invariably do everything to keep their children safe and healthy because child is the most precious gift in life. Blessed are those parents who understand the importance of baby swimming. My salutations to Terra and Joe, the celebrities from “Little Women: Terra’s Little Family” reality show; as they visited Watersafe Swim School to promote their daughter’s album.

I believe that 2016 is my lucky year because I’ve got good news right from the beginning and I plan to accomplish many goals this year. Today, I want to share most precious moments through videos with my great baby swimmers.

I have conviction that swimming is the most famous fun sport amongst children and most kids can’t wait to jump in to the pool when they see it. Plus, it provides great opportunity to build strong bonds with babies. Just follow our baby swimming tips and lessons.

January 2016: 2 Month Old Infant First Swim Journey Video

This journey was 30 minutes long and ended with a short video summary. I am describing “Submersion” while teaching the infant to swim. I believe that baby should never be submerged because they should always initiate submersion themselves.

April 2016, “My Cute Darling Fiona figures it out !”

Happiest Day in My Life: On April 08, 2016; my cute angel Fiona finally figured out how to swim back float and she learned to swim without any tears. At that time, I was so happy because teaching kids how to swim is not easy.  Kids take time to learn new things and we have to be patient and give them sufficient time.

Actually Fiona has spent many hours hanging out floating like her friend in the video. She loves swimming so much. Please watch the video below:

I and my expert staff are blessed to have nurtured great baby swimmers in the Watersafe Swim School. Our little swimmers can now swim fearlessly and have fun in the water pool. Our experts make swim lessons with focus on parenting world and it just makes me happy to watch my cute little angels play in the pool.

Thank you for stopping by – I hope you loved reading this blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. Just keep one thing in mind. It is never too early or too late to start swimming.