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Health Benefits Why Swimming is Great Exercise?

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Why Swimming is a Great Exercise?

Swimming is the best full-body workout. This is one exercise that does basically everything, from toning the body core to speeding up the entire body metabolism. Undoubtedly, swimming is an effective lifelong safe exercise to stay healthy and fit, irrespective of your age. Its benefits are immense like:
1. A total-body workout
2. Safe for body joints
3. No fancy equipments required
4. Great way to burn calories
5. An ultimate aerobic activity to maximizes your cardio
6. All fun and refreshing

Baby Swimming Seal Beach

Some important health benefits of Swimming:

Swimming Helps To Reduce Weight: It is best exercise to burn calories and helps reduce your body weight. On an average, 10 minutes of swimming can burn 60 calories with the breaststroke, 80 calories with the backstroke, 100 calories with freestyle, and an impressive 150 with the butterfly stroke.

Great Exercise to Increase Muscle Strength:  A great exercise to improve your muscular flexibility and strength.

Swimming Improves Flexibility: Once you have learnt different swimming strokes like backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle stroke and butterfly stroke that you realize that swimming has given you total body flexibility.

Stress Free: Swimming is a meditative exercise and invariably evokes a relaxation response from the body. It therefore helps manage stress, anxiety and even depression.

Swimming Benefits

Helps to Reduce Disease Risks: Swimming helps maintain your blood sugar level and your blood pressure. It also helps to reduce bad cholesterol in blood.

While swimming underwater, the oxygen is at a premium. So you tend to breathe deeply and inhale more fresh air with every breath. This can improve your lungs-volume and is also beneficial to asthmatic people.

Come and join swim classes to a joyous world called swimming. Why wait, take a deep breath and dive in!



Watersafe Swim School began in 1971 in the backyard pool of its owner, founder, and still teaching Ginny Ferguson where she developed the Smart Fish Method. Watersafe moved to Seal Beach in 1988 and currently has additional locations in Huntington Beach, Yorba Linda, Tustin, and Lakewood. Los Alamitos now houses the largest Watersafe location to date and the largest swim school in the area. Teachers at the school are carefully chosen, extensively trained and certified through the nationally recognized Smart Fish Academy.

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